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Monday, December 8, 2014

Old & Lost Almanac(k)s

First, I'd like to thank all those who came to the Gala Book Launch on Saturday; a report, heavily-illustrated with photos, is forthcoming.

Now then,  this comes to us courtesy of the indefatigable Michael Rhode, partner in crime and Claire's dad, who found it behind a coffee mug at the National Portrait Gallery during a recent backstage tour, which I didn't attend because if I'm around art* I tend to drool.

As you can see, the humor's a little dated, but you only have to put "Isis" in and BOOM you're OK. Like it says, this is the famous (and expensive) Landsberg Portrait, named for the retail giant who owned it.

*Or anything.


gilda92 said...

Why would a "consortium of evil businessmen" be interested in this painting. It doesn't make sense...or...should that be 'cents'?
Oh! cents, as in dollars and cents?

SonnyMoon42 said...

I was at the book launch!

Unknown said...

Has anyone ever mentioned the ephemera on the table? An Abraham Lincoln bobbing bird? A Capitol & Washington Monument snow-globe? I am concerned that I see a pirate's peg-leg under the table. I was actually afraid to bring it up. Still may delete the comment. Because if it IS a peg-leg... well that speaks to Richard's state of mind. If it isn't, well, let's just say: my therapist will be getting a new boat eventually.

Hinzi said...

Happy Birthday, George Washington!