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Saturday, June 21, 2014


I drew this logo for the blog in 2008, a simpler time, before economic malaise, before newspapers were being sold to internet jackanapes, before my kids heard of X-box 360s, before Deep Brain Stimulation, before Cherrydale Rehab Facility, before Parkinson's or before anything bad had even been thought of,  and logos could proudly flaunt their black-and-whiteness because the designer was lazy.

So here's to Heroescon 2014, and all the heroes gathered in Charlotte this weekend. Wish I were there.


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chris said...

What Richard did not mention is that in 2008 he joined the HeroesCon family. A family that I am proud to say has been my family for 20 years.

Richard, Mike Rhode and I became family 6 years ago on the 20th of June. Yes, lots has changed for all of us in those last few years. But so has the family. It keeps growing and the dedication to Team Cul de Sac and HeroesCon Drink and Draw continues to amaze even me. We raised 10K last night for the Michael J Fox Foundation.

You ARE here with us. With Tom,Craig, Dusty, Evan, Shelton,Seth,Heather, Shannon and the rest of the gang.

You are here with the half off trades, the spandex and the banana pudding and sweet tea.