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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Unseen Willie

I did this for a profile of Willie Nelson for the New Yorker six or seven years ago. Sadly, they went with a photo instead. The only thing I remember about the job was the art director's anxiety that the coffee maker behind Willie was rendered faithfully, as Willie had one on his tour bus and took its operation quite seriously.


gilda92 said...

Silly New Yorker! This is way better than a photo!

joe said...

I got to see Willie and his tour bus at an event not two blocks away, but there was no sign of the coffeemaker.

SonnyMoon42 said...

Those darned art directors. What do they know?

arcticcircle said...

The New Yorker can be a bit funny about showing Willies.... a shame - this is one of my favourite caricatures of yours. Sweet.

richardcthompson said...

Thanks, Alex! I like the left hand, and I'm quite proud of the bandana.

Neat Man said...

Richard –

I am a huge fan of comics and illustration and wanted to let you know that you are almost in my top 10 list of all time favorite comic –artist- illustrators. To be honest, my number 11 spot is a toss-up between you and the mystery artist who drew the original “Tippy Turtle”. There is no prize for being number 11, but if I get bored with one through ten, I will definitely consider moving you up to the #10 spot. List is below.

By the way. Is there any chance that another publishing of “Richard’s Poor Almanac” is in the future?

1.) Picasso
2.) Al Hirschfeld
3.) Ronald Searle
4.) Arnold Roth
5.) Charles Schulz
6.) Jim Flora
7.) Billy De Beck
8.) Harvey Kurtzman
9.) Jack Kirby
10.) Ralph Steadman
11.) Unnamed guy that drew Tippy the Turtle or Richard Thompson