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Saturday, September 29, 2012

You Unnecessary Spot Illustration for Today: Julia

I'm posting this to break the ice, or something. It was drawn for the Washington Post's old Book World section. Damn, but Julia Child is fun to draw!


chris said...

I love this art. I should have bought this for the pie maker at Casa Sparks!

gilda92 said...

Love the cartoon even though not Julia! Is that love the cartoon; not the cartoonee?

Washington Cube said...

59 pyramusNot to sound nitpicky obsessive, but--I love how the top of her head is rather flattened at the end of the paper, almost like her 6'2" height couldn't be contained. I love the tidiness of her cups and spoons and pans (true in real life,) and I love this tiny squiggle in her garment that could almost pass for a fly (if you wanted it to.) For a moment I half wished her tiny bottle said "creme" instead of "cream," doesn't challenge the decisions of the master. I am afraid I enlarge your work to study it. I really zoom in on your water coloring techniques. One could write an essay on Julia's cheeks, alone. I use your work as templates for me to learn.

Ida_Lee said...

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