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Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's National Cartoonists Day Again Again, Again

You may be wondering, "How can I best celebrate this festive day?" You might consider:
  • Finding a cartoonist near you and mowing his (or her) lawn, at least the front lawn (especially the hard part with the hill).
  •  While you're at it trim his shrubs, so the mailman can find his front door again.
  • I'll bet he needs a haircut pretty bad.
  • Does his house need vacuuming? Well, what are you waiting for?
  • Who left all these dishes in the sink?
  • The cats; somebody feed the cats.
  • Are you handy with a pen? Ink some cartoons for him!
  • You could take him to lunch at the Mexican place down the street, where they're having some no doubt cartoonist-related celebration.
  • For God's sake laugh at his cartoons. If they appear in a newspaper, buy extra copies (or multiple subscriptions, even) and laugh at them too.
  • Is he not posting anything new on his stupid blog and it's driving you crazy? You should send him a cheerful card stuffed with cash to inspire him.
Note: if the cartoonist near you is a lady, please substitute "her" for "his". The original of the cartoon reproduced above is in the collection of the fabulous Mr. Jef Mallett, so this is a scan of the Almanac book page. And it's the same one I ran last year, and the year before, if it looks familiar.


Andy said...

And even if there isn't a cartoon-related celebration going on down at the Mexican place, take your favorite cartoonist there and give him/her a card stuffed with cash! Or at least a gift card. Those are always good, too.

chris said...

Happy Cartoonist day, wish I was there to take you to the Mexican place but that taco place is good too...

pq said...

Why, I'd be delighted to take you to Taqueria Poblano, as long as we can order the chocolate fritters for dessert. Cuz those thangs are amazing!