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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Favorite Part of HeroesCon

These are cookies commissioned and provided by Kathy Parham, ingenious wife of the illustrious Craig Fischer. After dinner on Friday night Craig said they had a surprise dessert planned and took us up to their hotel room then sprang these masterpieces, made by Leila Jackson of Sweet Creatures Bakeshop, on us. I got Mr. Otterloop.

Craig was the moving force behind Favorites, a fanzine that consists of essays written by comics critics, artists and bloggers about their most cherished comic strips, comic books and graphic novels. It debuted at HeroesCon and sells for $5, every penny of which goes to Parkinson's research. Some fine family, those Fischers.


Mike said...

Cul de Sac by-products! Yay!

Kathy said...

Hi Richard! Glad you liked the cookies! I wanted to add that they were created by Leila Jackson of Sweet Creatures Bake Shop ( is a very talented graphic designer with a cookie business on the side.

chris said...

Mrs. Otterloop=tasty!
The book recreation was unbelievable!

richardcthompson said...

Thanks, Kathy. I put the link in the text where I hope it does some good!