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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Early Bloomsday!

This is an old and lost Poor Almanac from 2004 that was scanned off a newspaper and sent to me by Steve Dutky, who hoped I could find the original. I couldn't, so here's Steve's scan cropped down a little. It's the best I could do and feel free to replace "the Clinton book" with something more timely. So Happy Bloomsday!


Linette Moore said...

I would enjoy a cartoon synopsis of GRAVITY'S RAINBOW. With all those Plastic Man references, it's probably 3/4 done already, right?

richardcthompson said...

Yeah, sure, almost! It'll get done soon's I finish the Infinite Jest cartoon featuring all the Gasoline Alley characters.

Robert said...

Mr. Thompson,
I'm trying to reach you to discuss a forthcoming comic strip exhibit in the greater Baltimore/D.C. area (coming in Oct.). It's generating considerable interest, and Brian Walker and I thought you might be interested in attending. I sent an email to you last Friday. I can be reached at or 410.857.2425. Thank you.
Robert Lemieux, McDaniel College

Mike said...

I first read Ulysses as a high school senior and remember getting a few paragraphs past that passage before realizing that Bloom ate them with gusto and not with, say, piccalilli.

It was not the only such moment, but I got an A on the book report.