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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Today's Cul de Sac for April 17, 2011

They really have these things, musical toothbrushes, only not quite as advanced as the one pictured. I use a small toothbrush to clean pen nibs and the one I've been using is called a Firefly toothbrush. You squeeze the handle and it lights up and blinks for one minute, so you know just how long to brush your teeth. These things might be aimed at children or at people who use them to clean pen nibs, I'm not sure which.


Christa said...

My children all have Firefly toothbrushes, and that is almost the only thing that gets them to brush. They love to make the brush "flash" whether they are brushing or not. Which will wear out first, the battery or the brush?

chris said...

Really? Lights up? You need to advise new parents more on these items for childern. Richards PSA for new parents.

MsMolly said...

I *still* remember the entire song the singing toothbrush I had as a kid (~30 years ago) used to play. The base was a pink, plastic tooth fairy, and when you removed the brush, she'd sing:

"Brush your little teeth.
Brush your little teeth.
Keep them clean and bright all day.
Brush them up and down.
Brush them all around.
Brush tooth decay away.
I'm the tooth fairy!"
/song starts again from the beginning/

I'm just going to go curl up on the floor of my cubicle and stick my thumb in my mouth now. Thanks a lot, Thompson.

Steve said...

Richard; I had your little toothbrush song stuck in my head all day!
I have a bad habit of assigning a melody to these little diddies and that thought process seems to imprint on memory much longer than usual.
Thanks for the daily chuckle.

habamom said...

I love MsMolly's song even better than yours! Can't wait 'til my crayons tell me what to draw, OH BOY!

richardcthompson said...

I'd be delighted with crayons that told me what to draw, but I think that when they do it might be time to consult with a specialist.

My Firefly no longer works, which makes knowing when to stop cleaning nibs that much harder. To push the idea farther, I wish my pen lit up so I'd know when to stop drawing.

Yes, I like MsMolly's song a lot more than mine.