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Friday, October 29, 2010

Today's Cul de Sac for Like the Last Two Weeks

Let's see, where were we?
Ha! Well, that's pretty funny, I guess.
I don't remember this one at all.
 Hey, it's gettin' crowded in this strip!
 Okay, now we're getting to material with some real weight to it. This now becomes the standard source for No Duh/Big Duh disambiguation.
Mom's final line is a little thin, but the strip had advanced the plot just enough to make its point and then suddenly the deadline loomed and somebody had to say something.
 This is based on a Washington Post Magazine Cul de Sac from 2006, where Petey was first planning his Halloween costume. I pretty much traced the fourth panel. My favorite part is Petey's redeye in the fourth panel.

And Alice's method of spotlighting candy-disbursing adults seems sensible to me.
A bonus enlargement for the nearsighted.
 Dill's line is my favorite bit of the whole week.
 Note the missing word "like" in the last line. Sharper eyes at Universal Press caught its absence and neatly inserted it, sparing us the inevitable global reader outrage.
There's a corn maze not too very far from where I live that features a different shape every year. To find your way through it you have to answer questions at forks in the path, making a learning experience for all concerned. Which sounds like it'd diminish the fun a bit.
 I like the leaves blowing around in the last panel.
 Petey's pumpkin inspired my friends Libby and David Hagen to carve a similarly pokerfaced Jack O'Lantern to crush the spirits of their trick-or-treaters.
I can feel my soul shriveling just looking at it, and isn't that what Halloween is all about?
 Twenty bucks for parking! I'm scared already.
 Drawing a corn maze was harder than I thought it'd be. Looks more like a giant broccoli-corn hybrid.
 Corn smut shows up so rarely in the comics these days. The corn here is slightly better than the previous strip.

 And the werewolf was a lot of fun to draw. A reader on GoComics thought his nametag said "Stan" and I wish I'd used that instead of "Staff."
Well, this doesn't bode well for Alice's Halloween trick-or-treating chances. Cue dramatic cliffhanger music


Nate Taylor said...

i'm glad the censors didn't block corn smut. we all know that corn smut is a serious issue that needs addressing at the highest levels. it is good to see the corn smut.

The Bug said...

You know, I think I like the weekly (or biweekly) summary better - I get to relive the hilarity of the last two weeks in one fell swoop (whatever that means).

paul bowman said...

It comes about 30 years too late to be of much practical use to me, strictly speaking, but the "no duh"/"big duh" explanation clears up a nagging uncertainty and was much appreciated

Unknown said...

Is Andre dressed as Gene Weingarten in Saturday's?