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Monday, August 30, 2010

Today's Cul de Sac, August 29 2010

Well, yesterday's. Several readers have rightly complained about the lack of 3-D viewing glasses on Mom and Alice in this strip. It so obviously spoils the joke and renders the whole thing illogical and confusing. In my defense I can only say, I forgot that the audience had to wear glasses for the 3-D effect to work  I've been to only one 3-D thing, an amusement ride with pirates in it and all I remember is a flat parrot inexplicably flying at me and the brief resultant headache afterward. Also, I was drawing this so close to deadline that the printers were loading rolls of newsprint into the presses even as I was putting ink to paper, leading to one of those exciting race-against-time montages of an inexorably spinning roll of newsprint cutting to pen scratching on bristol board, back and forth in quick succession, till Wham! the cartoon is finished, scanned, sent, distributed and arrives at the printers just in time to make the Sunday edition and anger readers by its lack of 3-D glasses. 


Guy said...

August 20 ?

richardcthompson said...

Oops, fixed. That's how far behind I am.

chris said...

Mr. Thompson,
My solution is simple. They had 3D Contact lenses.
Once again,you are wayyy ahead of your time.

Sean Pford said...

Or maybe they had to blur their vision for the 3-D effect, like those Magic Eye Picture things (that never REALLY quite work).

"Act like you're looking through a window."

"What? It's not working!"

"Try to look THROUGH the picture!"


gilda92 said...

And actually, are there any 3-D movies worth watching? Avatar turned me off ever seeing another 3-D pic--everrr!

Navy Bean by Melange said...

How can you have a theatre scene without Annoyed Guy Two Rows in Front?

Kid Shay said...

So that's why there wasn't ever a Calvin and Hobbes movie.