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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Current Conditions

We're under 26"+ of the damn white stuff with another 10-20" forecast and our internet is intermittent. And the phone's out too. If anybody needs to call, the cell phone is working. Any interested parties who'd care to visit are welcome, as long as they bring a shovel. And some brandy.


Mike Lynch said...

Bringing a sledful of flour, lard, pemmican, and whiskey via dog team from New Hampshire. Estimated arrival time in 7 days, so long as traffic on 95 isn't too bad.

Theophylact said...

There was a young man from Québec
Who was buried in snow to his neck.
When asked "Are you friz?"
He replied, "Yes, I is;
But we don't call this cold in Québec."

Dan H said...

The photo is great. I found the source. It's not as old as I thought (1966).


Mo said...

You should come up North. It's balmy and I can see the grass on the lawn.

Mike Rhode said...

It's only that bad in ritzy NORTH Arlington; if you lived in SOUTH Arlington, you could still see the tops of trees.