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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fan Art Saturday Falls On A Saturday This Week Again! Maybe the Universe is Working Right After All

More Fine Fan Art has arrived this week, making me very happy and leaving almost completely unable to draw. This is the creative psychic balance I've been trying to hit; to be in a frenzy of inspiration yet frozen by inadequacy, if that makes sense.

First my friend Jack Gartner has caught the tone of the strip perfectly; everyone's off in his or her own little world. If only they could somehow combine their dreams into one larger dream. Beni builds Toy World, Dill pushes carts in the parking lot, and you have to go through Alice to get inside, probably after an enforced period of watching her dance. And Mr.Danders is being ignored, just like in real life. Thanks, Jack, there's a whole Sunday strip right there!

The accomplished cartoonist Melissa Mendes has drawn Alice as she appeared in one of my favorite strips, where Alice changed costumes in every panel*. Melissa has a delightful blog where she posts drawings and news from the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction VT. Thank you, Melissa! If this is any indication of how the youth of today are using their education, I say there's hope for the future.

Alice enters the third dimension with frightening accuracy thanks to my friend Mark Anderson's dab hand at Legos. Just think how many man hours were involved in this bust that might've been otherwise wasted on something productive. Thank you, Mark, for this investment in Cul de Sac Fine Fan Art! I hope the Lego people see it and market it as a kit. And Mark draws even better than he plays with Legos!

There, the gauntlet has been thrown down. Can you create some Fine Fan Art that will match these magnificent offerings? G'wan, I dare ya!



Mike Lynch said...

Love the fan art Saturday feature!!!

paul bowman said...

Wow, this is getting serious.