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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Universal Press Blog

Kathie Kerr, the hard-working director of communications at my syndicate, Universal Press, sent me an actual press release this morning. Since I've got my hands full and nothing worth saying, I'll post it for your entertainment.

Inside the doors of Universal Press Syndicate are a lot of smart people, but they’re busy, so the rest of us have started a blog on the inside workings of a syndicate. While that might sound as exciting as a digestive disorder, the blog may be of some actual value to cartoonists looking for tips on how to become syndicated and for die-hard comic fans who want behind-the-scene glimpses of today’s comics. Go to and the next sound you hear will be that of an UPS editor giving you the uncensored truth about comics and the syndicate, while giving thanks for his/her job.

There ya go! When you go to the blog, scroll down to the short film "Thanksgiving Disaster" by W.T.Duck creator Aaron Johnson; jeez, it's good.

  Above is a picture of UPS's new headquarters, the Bolley Building in Kansas City. It no longer has the word Bolley's in electric lights on top, but there is a mural on the ground floor with lots of cartoon characters cavorting.

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Mike Rhode said...

Isn't Bolley's a better name for the Syndicate than Universal Press? Is it too late to change?