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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Aw, Shucks Again

Tom Spurgeon sure says some nice things. I wish the guy he was talking to would shut up some and let him say more.

You really should be reading The Comics Reporter every day, you know.

(Apologies to Sam Henderson for swiping his caricature of Tom Spurgeon, and to Tom Spurgeon who I'm sure looks nothing like that. And to Chuck Jones for swiping that line from one of his Three Bears cartoons. And as long as I'm at it, my apologies to my wife for laughing at that pasta thing she made last night.)


Scott Nickel said...

Excellent interview, Richard!

The more I see of your work and hear you speak (or , more accurately, read you speak), the more I admire you.

You make it all looks so easy, and as one who does "it," albeit not nearly as well as you, I know there's nothing easy about it.

I'd love to buy you a drink someday and watch you draw. In fact I'd like to watch you draw more than I'd like to watch a beautiful girl strip. That's how much I like your cartooning.

Keep doing what you do.


Danny Fry said...

Maybe you could set up your drafting table in a strip club... That would be GREAT! The trick is explaining it to the wife.

By the way... great interview and I'm glad to hear you're in a hundred papers!

Michael Devers said...

"the conclusion isn't so much the point as the journey there"

The biggest reason CdS is my favorite strip of any in well over a decade.

Ponto said...

A jolly good interview!

David King said...

I agree with all the previous commenters, particularly about enjoying the combination of cartooning and stripping.

It was nice to learn more about you, too.

Mike Rhode said...

Noooo - let's NOT think about Richard and stripping at the same time!

Matt D. said...

Congrats on this great feature interview, Richard. I saw Tom posted it at the messageboard and there's been very good feedback--which is shocking given how things typically ensue there!

Billy O said...

Another poll from a town that I don;t think really exists.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

Wow...all these years I thought you were such a well kept secret. Glad I'm wrong!

richardcthompson said...

Thanks, youall, and you'll be glad to hear I draw only with all my clothes on, especially in this weather.

I'll buy you a drink too, Scott, so it's a date.

An old editorial cartoonist once told me that if a girl asked him to draw on her arm (or wherever) he'd always draw a snake, because it could go on and on. He also said he almost got punched out by a husband after one snake went on too long. I hope that's a true story.

I'm doing ok in these imaginary markets; Universal Press has the best sales force out there.

Aw, Heretoday, it'll all blow over and I'll go back to my hermetic ways. I really enjoyed your road trip photos by the way. I should tell you that on your blog.

john cuneo said...

what a swell interview richard.
it's great to get the back story as well as the history of the almanac.
when will a book of the strips be published ?
i have people damnit - kids and parents both-
who need a bound collection of cul-de-sacs in
their lives, and i'm not about to staple 'em together myself.

j cuneo

richardcthompson said...

Hey John! Please expect a Cul de Sac book in time for Christmas, I think.

Meanwhile, everybody rush out and buy nEuROTIC by Mr. Cuneo! Especially if you like that combination of stripping with great comic art.