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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stuff on the floor

We went to a baby party tonight. A friend's daughter turned one and I hadn't been to a party for anyone under the age of fifty in a while. Our daughters go to birthday parties for those who've turned their ages, 9 & 12, but without us. So anyway, being at this baby party in a house with babies made me aware of things on the floor. Here are some things on the floor of my studio.

Lots of drawings.

Lots of rough sketches, copies of sketches, revised rough sketches.

Lots of abandoned inked finals.

Some drawings with watercolors.

Some more in frames, leaning against the wall.

Those sneakers I was looking for that I thought were under the bed.

Lots of books.

A drawer full of Cul roughs I pulled out of my little flatfiles because I couldn't find one of the sheets with the color codes on it. I still haven't found it.

Some money (probably not really; if I convince myself there's some money to be found on the floor it'll give me the impetus to pick stuff up).

Some CDs and a box of sheet music.

A banjo I haven't learned how to play.

A case with my old bagpipes that I've forgotten how to play.

A cat toy (I'm assuming, there's always a cat toy).


A blue gum eraser that bounces under furniture when dropped.

I hope not an Xacto knife.

Some bugs (I'm assuming; I've got a basement studio so there's usually bugs).

A narrow path through all this stuff. I'm clumsy and step on things without meaning to, so maybe I'd better pick up stuff. Plus I hear there's money under it somewhere.

What's on YOUR studio floor?