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Monday, February 4, 2013

Exclusive Wallpaper

I did a few of these wallpaper gags ten or twelve or fifteen years ago. This one still seems germane. I think it works, too, if you follow the directions carefully.


gilda92 said...

Dear Richard Thompson:
I'd like to purchase the Prussian Blue please and the "matching linens."
Where should I send the money?
Ms A.Loyal-Fan

Florent Sacré said...

I love your work ! I love your work ! I love your work !

H.V.Lukas said...

Wallpaper to make you go insane. Giddy, manic men everywhere you look.

I'll need to find me a printer and copier and some glue.

Thank you Richard.

Chris said...

I took a few minutes to make this actually tile, in case anyone wants it for a desktop wallpaper or Photoshop pattern.



Chris said...

Oops! Here are clickable links:


Darlene said...

Lol! Thanks Richard, that's terrific!

StrummerFan said...

Thank you to both Richard and Chris!!

Not only was the cartoon both relevant and funny (although I'm sure Cindy Crawford will protest at how big her schnozz is!), Chris made it an absolutely perfect computer wallpaper. (Yes, I checked it out and looked for seams, but there are none.) Good job, sir!

Chris said...

Thanks, StrummerFan! Happy to help another RT fan. :^)