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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Scottish Play for Fifth Graders

There's not much going on here right now. You should go read my wife's blog on teaching Shakespeare to fifth graders the fun way - with sword fights, murders and Haka dances! Kids today have all the fun.


paul bowman said...

My ultimate dream blog is a tag-team ramble on all things purportedly literary & artistic from you and your wife.

emily w said...

well!! that was an extremely fortuitous (sp) comment about the shakespeare and your wife. The blogs were so informative, almost makes me want to catch a plane north and watch the finished play. and of course i love cul de sac, online every day, since our Atlanta newspaper does not carry it, and I got used to it in DC.

carl craig said...

hi this is irrelevent to the blog post but on amazon the Richard's Poor Almanac is really expensive the cheepest is 112 dollers why is it so expensive is there anywhere where i can get it for cheeper

pq said...

off topic, but whoever is doing the strip this week is doing the best job of capturing the tone of the strip. Kudos! (But will still be so happy when you come back; hope all is going well with your treatment.)

Isom said...

Totally agree with pq - cul de sac this week is genius! The gang is as close to Richard's as can be possible. If the drawings weren't quite the same, I'd almost think Richard's back writing them again.

I get to read cul de sac earlier than it appears in the paper as I've got the site bookmarked on my phone & read it the night before. Thursday's script is SO good! Can't wait to see what Petey's going to make. If the story line isn't carried through, I hope Richard picks it up when he returns.

Does anyone know who the guest writer is this week? I'd be interested in checking out the comic script he normally writes. And I'd like to know when Stephan Pastis' turn to write comes up. Besides cul de sac, Pearls Before Swine & Bizarro are the best of all.

pq said...

It's Lincoln Pierce, the creator of "Big Nate," which is another fun strip.

And back ON topic, just read all the Scottish Play blog and what fun!