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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Magnificent Six

Tomorrow you'll notice a slight difference in Cul de Sac. For one thing, the strip be so full of energy it'll actually move around on the page (it might even read itself to you)! That's because it'll be drawn by the ace cartoonist and master animator Mighty Michael Jantze! Mike very kindly agreed to take over the strip for a week to give me time to laze around the house and eat store-bought pie.

Mike's week of CdS leads the way for a month or so of guest artists, all of whom will make you forget I ever even tried to draw the thing. At least until I show up in a month or so and forcibly remind you. Other luminaries doing Otterloop duty will be Magnificent Mo Willems, Lordly Lincoln Peirce, Superior Stephan Pastis, Cool Corey Pandolph and Keen Ken Fisher*. For a more detailed and informative article about this, please visit Mike Cavna's Comic Riffs blog or a brief article on the size of my feet at Robot 6.

I'm speechless with delight that I'll get more time to laze around and eat pie. And I can't wait to see if they'll come up with gags I can reuse years from now, with a little tweaking.

These guys are my heroes!

*Better known as Ruben Bolling's lawyer


gilda92 said...

I gather you love pie! Is your name Weebl by any chance? You do know Weebl, don't you. You must know Weebl. Sigh. Here's the first, just in case you somehow don't...
Me too. I love pie.

Octavo Dia said...

This is entirely unrelated, but is Dill named after the character in To Kill a Mockingbird?

carl craig said...

im looking forward to the geust run im exspecially looking forward for when lincoln peirce dose it . though im sure none of them do it as good as you

Mike Rhode said...

Actually Michael Jantze's strips are running this week.

richardcthompson said...

okay- fixed it

nobody ever tells me anything

or if they do, i forget it

nobody ever tells me anything 2 or 3 times, like they should

Oho said...

Our family noticed the difference yesterday morning and are missing you. We look forward to your return in a month!!

Pratik K said...

Sounds great ! We'll wait patiently for you to return of course :)
Eat up !