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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Today's Cul de Sac, March 15 to April 3, 2011

 In a blinding burst of speed we go blazing right through today and into the future!
Like I said, this keeps happening to Petey. I think he's starting to enjoy it.
If Andre hears about Pevey he's going to want a secret identity too.
Between the time Alice wastes getting ready for bed and waking up for nightmares I can't imagine she's getting enough sleep. No wonder she's kinda cranky.
Though it looks like she's also enjoying herself.
 Maybe enjoying herself too much.
This has happened before, you know.
Bedtime entertainment is a wide-open field in the arts if you're looking for a job in a related field (I hope you're listening, Julie Taymor).
This is a well-known fact.
Running around and making noise is how I usually handled sports, so I never got around to learning the rules of most games.
I was afraid someone might complain about the ball rolling into the street.
Beni in for Andre and Petey.
Those wooden paddle spoons have mostly been supplanted by plastic spoons. This is probably epochal.
 I'm hoping that Petey hasn't discovered a latent talent for soccer. It might spoil his life.
Sssshhh. This doesn't come out till tomorrow, but I'm sneaking it in (of course, half the papers in the country deliver Sunday supplements on Saturday). Dill's poignantly strange toy first appeared in Christmas of 2007. I hope nobody plays with it from a range of more than four feet away unless they're wearing protective gear.


Joyce said...

I had to cover my eyes to avoid seeing tomorrow's strip ... what would I do without my required daily Cul de Sac?

The Bug said...

Joyce I read it anyway & then I'll read it again tomorrow - Cul de Sac often bears repeating :)

Besides which, I read it online & the commenters are almost as much fun as the strip. Almost.

Joyce C. said...

If I were ever going to be a parent, I'd probably be one who zones out too. Hahaha! LOVE your work. :D

And YES to making noise when handling sports GAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Ahem.

Alex said...

Amazing comic strip!
I bought his books and I love your drawings.

Robert Gidley said...

You forgot to mention that inside the 10,000 rubber bands in the soccer ball is a core of acid that will blind you if you ever remove all the rubber bands.

Anonymous said...

Alice's nightmare storyline had me laughing out loud every day. Late night Alice is comedy gold.