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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lazy Tax Joke Repost

I hate to say it, but here it is that time of year, April being the cruelest month and all. You know that if it says "From the IRS" it must be real, too.


Mark Anderson said...

When my wife filed her first return years ago, her parents told her while she was writing her check "don't forget to write 'taxes suck' in the memo section," and she'd begun writing it before realizing they were only joking.

Ronnie said...

Loved seeing "Kaff." Took me back seventy years or so to Major Hickenlooper who used to say "Kaff, kaff, egad." Used to fascinate me in my earliest reading days.

rouftop said...

The woman with the happy pen looks just like Dil's mom.