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Friday, August 27, 2010

Today's Cul de Sac, August 28 2010

I got nothing to say, except to remind you it's Read Comics in Public Day, and that you should celebrate by going to the Baltimore Comic Con.


Drew said...

Wow, Petey looks downright dashing in that first panel. When I taught a kids comics camp, it also ended with a "come in costume" day, but it was 90% kimonos.

The Bug said...

I love how Loris is orbiting around Andre - wheeee!

John Read said...

You know what I'm gonna pray for in church tomorrow? I'm gonna pray that Cul de Sac gets the Cathy spot in every newspaper when Cathy Guisewite retires in October. That's what I'm gonna pray for. As a matter of fact, I'm not going to even wait for church tomorrow -- I'm gonna go ahead and ask God for that wish today.