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Monday, August 23, 2010

Today's Cul de Sac, August 23 2010

Petey's favorite distancing mechanisms were first mentioned back when he tried to wear it to his oboe recital in one of the old Post Magazine strips and again when he wore it to Thanksgiving dinner. I had a box of hats when I was a kid and whichever hat I chose for the day would define who I was that day. My favorite for a long time was an orange plastic helmet that said Dennis the Menace on it. I didn't turn into Dennis the Menace when I wore it, but it was a good looking hat. I also had an array of capes, most of which came from the towel shelf in the linen closet.
I haven't done much with a dress-up theme, a glaring oversight as dressing in silly costumes is a vital part of childhood. Except for the above, a strip that originally appeared in the Post Magazine and got reused as a Sunday. In one of next week's strips a Dress-Up Corner is mentioned at Blisshaven and that might be the beginning of a new whatchamacallit: a new "meme". If that's the word I want.

To reference another British movie, there's a character in The Snapper, a little girl in an extensive family, who appears in completely different get-ups in every scene. Including a drum majorette outfit and once with shaving cream all over her head. That made me laugh and stuck in my head as a useable idea for future whatchamacallit: future "homage". No, "theft" is the word I want.


fritzoid said...

"That made me laugh and stuck in my head as a useable idea for future whatchamacallit: future 'homage'. No, 'theft' is the word I want."

As I've always said, "Good artists borrow. Great artists steal."

richardcthompson said...

Hey, that's good! I might use that!

the cheese guy said...

I am bringing my cool stuff to wear this weekend R.T. bwaahaahhaaaa!

Rooty Toot Toot said...

Hey, Fritzoid, you stole that quote from Picasso! And Richard, that dressup strip is the one that completely won my heart for Cul de Sac and vaulted it to the top of my comic strip pantheon, right under Peanuts (and just above Calvin and Hobbes, shhhh).

Roto13 said...

That dressup strip is a personal favourite of mine.