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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today's Cul de Sac, August 18 2010

Alice the family spokesman goes off-topic, releases too much info, is recalled for consultations by higher-ups. The idea of doing this as a press conference came to me when I realized that the Petey-Andre Playdate would be funnier off-stage, a clever cover-up for the fact I couldn't think of much for them to do that was funny. In this strip I like the crosshatching in panel two and the stray corn-popper in panel one. I regret not squeezing that popper into panel three.

And now an update from a previous post. I mentioned a scene in the movie Gregory's Girl and wondered if I remembered it correctly. Dan Halbert kindly sent me a screenshot and a fuller description.

Dan writes, "Gregory leaves for school (late). As he goes out his front door there's a mass of small children, and he has to step through them as he goes down the walk (and encounters more on small moving vehicles). One is also in a small tree. A short time later he is almost hit by the student driver his father in instructing." Thanks, Dan! My readers are the awesomest! They can screenshot rings around the readers of most blogs!


Mike said...

It may amuse you to know that "Gregory's Girl" is available on DVD with the option to switch to the original soundtrack. Apparently the actors' burrs were so impenetrably thick that they had to re-voice the thing for overseas release.

"It's a well-known fact!" became a catch-phrase in our household for any bit of dubious nonsense being promoted. Love that movie!

paul bowman said...

Oh to be around that table with Petey & Andre & Mr Otterloop, though!

gilda92 said...

I love Alice's bare feet. I guess the Otterloops take their shoes off in the house so the carpets don't get dirty? The crossed arms in panel two go well with the cross hatching.