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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Today's Cul de Sac, August 16 2010

This launches a week of strips that made me very happy when I wrote them. When I first write out a strip I put down everything I can think of that might work for the gag or situation I'm aiming for, hoping that the run on, disconnected phrases will find their own level of sense or cancel each other out, or spur me in a more interesting direction. With this week's strips it was mostly getting the language right to make the parody obvious, and I kept changing it right up to the final lettering. And probably fussed with it some in  Photoshop.

Commentary like this reminds me of a New Yorker cartoon of a man watching an actor's DVD commentary track; the caption is something like, "Watch me in this scene! I'm really great in this scene!" So I'll shut up for now. Besides, it's like 3 AM in Duck, North Carolina.


the cheese guy said...

This made me snort pretty darn loud this morning. Just an excellent start to my week. Thank you.

MCluff said...

Chuckles and murmurs reflecting mirth!

Jeremy said...

Please keep writing about how you work on the strips, sir. The DVD commentary is only for those interested enough to listen to it... it doesn't ruin the strip for anyone else. And as a longtime fan (I'm 40) of America's latest dying art, I love the insights.

Joyce said...

I was particularly bowled over by the hubbub! Thanks again RT!

Roto13 said...

I love the kids' reaction to the news. This kind of thing is why I read Cul de Sac.