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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Sorry, I didn't mean to leave the previous commercial announcement posted for so long (though of course, it's still a good time for some panic shopping at Amazon). The below is another old Almanac, this one a parody of a fairly long-running Washington Post Style feature called Roadtrip that suggested interesting places to visit, along with a route map that would link them. And it solicited readers to submit their own, so this is mine. I figure it's a good August, get-out-of-town thing to post.

Actually, I'd looked for something more Augusty, but I'd already posted them here and here.


SleppyRenard said...

"Pry loose something for breakfast." Love.

fritzoid said...

Very fun.

By the way, Richard, are you planning to keep Loris and Andre around after the summer? If not, might you be persuaded to do so? Any um...worthy charitable organizations, a donation to which might leave you with a warm feeling of gratitude and an inclination to look kindly upon the fervent hopes of hypothetical donors?

paul bowman said...

Whoa, that one looks Augusty enough to me.

mbbrown said...

Perfect for a "staycation" if you ask me!