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Monday, August 16, 2010

Remembering Elvis

This continues a tradition of running this on the anniversary of his passing, though I usually forget to.


Alborozo said...

The tibetan hat, the lamp, the 'Elvis' hands in the bottom panel. Damn it your just too good!

Mike said...

The best traditions are honored in the breach. Or, in your case, at the beach.

Andy said...

I remember Ann-Margret more than I do Elvis.

Ushindi said...

Richard - Sorry, this has nothing to do with Elvis. However, I am currently reading a David Baldacci book, "Saving Faith", and the two protagonists, evading both the law and hired killers, have just fled to Duck, No. Carolina. So, if you happen to run into Faith Lockhart or Lee Adams, tell them Ushindi says "Hi", and that I'm pretty sure Mr. Baldacci won't let them be killed, so try to relax (they're getting a little frantic).

Hi to Elvis and Iris, also.