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Sunday, August 15, 2010


So I've got a table at the Baltimore Comic Con, which runs the last weekend of August (28th and 29th), though I'll only be there on Saturday. John Gallagher, the genius behind Buzzboy comics, kindly found room in his Comic Book Diner Fun Zone, where all the fun people are on the con floor. I'll share a table with my friend Shannon Gallant, and in lieu of comics we've decided to run a sticky carnival food stand with cotton candy, funnel cakes and soft-serve ice cream, as so few treats of this nature are ever available in close proximity to printed material!

We'll see how that goes. And, weirdly enough, I'm up for a Harvey Award, the annual multi-divisional honor named for the great Harvey Kurtzman, and hosted by the Baltimore Con. I hope I remember to wash my hands first.


the cheese guy said...

I hope you win! Rumor is the Harvey is made out of stinky cheese!!! Save me some ice cream and don't burn the popcorn!

letterstobetsy said...

nice! i will certainly stop by! wish i knew where our table was going to be! see you there!

odessasteps said...

glad you are getting up at Baltimore this year.

Sadly, work commitments and no new issue mean I won't be there.

best of luck.