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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Big U

I swiped this from the Universal Press Editors' Blog. It's a photo taken by Hugh Andrews of the looming shadow of the the UPS headquarter's big U logo cast on a neighboring building. It's like that scene in Journey to the Center of the Earth where the cast shadow of the Icelandic volcano Snæfellsjökull points out the crater that will lead the Lidenbrock party to the Earth's center. I'll bet you were thinking that too, right? So, c'mon Hugh and John and everybody! See if the big U points the way to a land of living dinosaurs and giant mushrooms and Pat Boone, who was in the movie version!


Bill's Big Bamboo said...

And there is a second movie version out with Brandon Frasier. Just as hokey & without the Iguanas with the sailfins glued to their backs.

Hinzi said...

I like the photo and the colors. If I were still in the old country, I would think the shadow was cast by a Dortmunder Union [beer] sign.

I also like the banners on the parking garage; I think one of them reads: Help, I cannot find my car!