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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Games of the 21st Olympiad

This is actually from six years ago, the Athens Olympics, but it still makes some sense inasmuch as its roots are Greek. And this blog post is actually from two years ago, so I might be stuck in some kind of temporal loop. But no, I'm actually at my wife's family farm in Salem, Ohio, sitting at a large kitchen table watching about a dozen loaves of bread come out of the oven. Mmmmm.

What I like best about the Olympics is that it's spread out so that I can be a sports fan every four, or two, years, and for me that works out just right.

1 comment:

Mike Peterson said...

I'm a huge sports fan, but, having had a few discussions with the Olympic Copyright Protecting Team, I don't even have to check in every four years. They are very eager to have you promote their stuff, but, well, only within their carefully constructed templates.

Too bad about that Greek immigrant who thought he could open a restaurant based on thousands of years of Greek culture ... no, the word "olympic" is owned and trademarked, and they will haul you into court if you dare to use it.

Sad, sad. But as long as we can sell some soap ...