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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fan Art Saturday Falls On A Sunday This Week

David Paccia, who runs the blog David Wasting Paper, sent in these two fine portraits; Dill looking horrified and Alice probably provoking Dill's horrification. Thanks, David! He's had an excellent run of interviews with cartoonists & illustrators on his blog in the last few months, so go and read!

And Mr. Chris Sparks, designer, comics aficionado, cheesemonger and friend, sent me this design for a magnet he's produced. Excellent, and I understand there's nothing like it for tacking vital papers to your refrigerator, dishwasher, robot or other appliance. Thanks, Chris!


Robert Arthur Smith said...

Nice to see how many people appreciate your characters.
I have both of your books now, and I hope there'll be another one eventually.
Very fine work; right up there with Schulz and Watterson.

Mike Rhode said...

Is that magnet carved out of cheese?

the cheese guy said...

I did try that. Gloucester(yellow),Cambozola(white),for the black I used the wax from reypenaer cheese. So I huhh ate that one. and made this one in Illustrator. The final version also has a website in white on the bottom black line. Im such a nerd!