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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Your Unnecessary Spot Illustration of the Day

Today (January 6th) Henry VIII married Anne of Cleves (in 1540), his fourth wife. I've got all these loose drawings lying around, like the above, and I might as well post them. I don't remember who I did this for, but there are a few more in the series with a similar theme, which might be called Royalty Misbehaving.


the cheese guy said...

This is really perfect...Not for my wife of course,I will show her this on our drive north..hahahah

Ann Telnaes said...

Hey Richard- Anne of Cleves
probably made out the best of all
Henry VIII's wives; she kept her head and Henry gave her a manor for letting him off the marriage hook.
Your pal,

richardcthompson said...

Thanks, Cheese!

Thanks, Ann. Amy tells me that Anne of C was too homely, so Henry canceled the deal. In the Charles Laughton movie she was played by Elsa Lancaster.

Ann Telnaes said...

Right- Hans Holbein used a bit of creative license painting her portrait so Henry was a bit shocked when he met the real thing. Which is ironic considering what Henry looked like in 1540.