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Monday, November 16, 2009

Tall Tales Radio

That nice man Tom Racine- cartoonist, podcaster, voice extraordinaire- called me the other day and we had a nice long chat. Et voila, it's available as a podcast over at the excellent Tall Tales Radio! Tom's the one who sounds like Superman, I sound like a helium addict who plays the kazoo, and not well, either.

While you're over at TTR, please take the time to vote for Tom's mighty work at PodcastAwards.com. Did you know he's done 60 high-quality & informative podcasts? The man's indefatigable! And he looks good in a derby.


Jesse C said...

very cool. Can't wait to listen.

paul bowman said...

Indefatigability always looks good in a derby.

paul bowman said...

Enjoyed that interview a lot. I subscribed to the podcast. And you're right, Racine does have a great radio-man's voice.

Tom said...

Richard is far too kind to me, and far too hard on himself. I'm sure he plays a fine kazoo. It was my pleasure and honor...and thanks, Paul for signing up. I hope you go back through some old episodes...got some great guests there, and more to come. (None, of course, will compare to Richard. :)