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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Golden Treasury Keepsake Garland of Classics

This is the first public glimpse of the cover rough for the Cul de Sac Golden Treasury Keepsake Garland of Classics, due to hit the shelves Spring of 2010. The Cul de Sac Golden Treasury Keepsake Garland of Classics will gather the complete contents of both previous Cul de Sac books, plus author commentary, drawing how-tos, grammar tips, suggestions for improved posture, recommendations for further reading and a favorite recipe for spoonbread, whatever the hell that is.


Kid Shay said...

The title reminds me of the Calvin and Hobbes treasuries. I read that Bill Watterson named them ironically because in his view they were anything but Essential, Authoritative, Indispensable.

Of course I felt those adjectives described them accurately because they always had a story or poem at the beginning (complete with paintings!) as well as color Sunday strips.

Robert Gidley said...

I thought "spoonbread" was bread that was made with spoons. Cool! Then I looked around on the Intertubes and found out that it's bread that's like pudding and is eaten with a spoon.


Maybe you could move it to the grammar section and discuss what the plural form is: spoonsbread or spoonbreads or spanbroads.

Paul YM said...

Related, yet unrelated, Children At Play appeared in my mailbox here in Japan yesterday. Huzzah!! I'm going to celebrate with some spoonbread.

Bee is for said...

Unless your looking for an hydrolic yet tawdry date, avoid the link above.

richardcthompson said...

thanks,, Bee! I removed it.

chris said...

I really like this cover but I do think it is missing something important... cheese... all Golden Treasury Keepsake books needs more cheese!! ohohohoho and a lighting bug!

Unknown said...

"hydraulic yet tawdry"?

Essential, authoritative, indispensable comments to have on the back cover of the Golden Treasury Keepsake Garland of Classics.

Or possibly Petey's first magnum opus graphic novel.

(Did you know Vittorio Giardino did an X-rated version (actually, R-rated, but that sounds boring) of Little Nemo, called Little Ego? Not that Petey would ever read it.)

Dan Moynihan said...

This sketch looks great - gives it the feeling of "Wow! What's that book!?!" I prefer this over the current Cul de Sac book covers.