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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fan Art Saturday Falls On A Saturday This Week Again!

Here we have two masterful examples of fan art. So masterful, in fact, that I'm considering passing the strip along to one of you people; I can't do this forever, you know. And then Cul de Sac would qualify as a "legacy" strip, making its position on the comic pages inviolable. I'd just keep 95% of the take, plus all rights into perpetuity. Deal?

From our old friend the cartoonist & animator Marc Crisafulli comes this heart-warming scene of an unexpected romance between Nara and Beni, As Nara is the most mature and accomplished student at Blisshaven (being 4 1/2) and Beni is more competent than most, especially Dill, I shouldn't be surprised. Please note the liveliness of the line and the subtle yet fanciful color. Marc, take a bow!

Here Mr. Evan "Doc" Shaner proposes a very likely explanation for the name Blammos. And he includes the redoubtable Mr. Danders, who I've sadly neglected for the last year. When I look at a piece like this it makes me wish I knew how to draw. Thank you, Doc, please take a bow! And thanks for the kind email (and my regards to your wife).


Mike said...

Oh dear. The idea of vanilla mixed with plastic gave me a sensory flashback of something I wasted my allowance on back in about 1959 -- a flavored toothbrush. Why anyone, even a nine-year-old boy, thought plastic impregnated with vanilla would yield vanilla flavored tootbrushing is beyond my older self. (Okay, not exactly Proust ...)

Hinzi said...

I am a fan of Fan Art Saturday, and I wish I could draw! I like both new additions and their different styles! And the palette of Marc Crisafulli’s piece reminds me of a children’s book I used to have in the early 50s. It was about the adventures of a weathervane rooster who had run away from his church steeple.

Doc Shaner said...

If you ever stopped doing it, that would take away everything I love about this strip. I would totally take that 5% though.

Thanks for the very kind words, Richard. Again, I'm a huge fan of your work.

Marc Crisafulli said...

Thanks -(!)- but it goes without saying that your shoes are unfillable and always will be. I'd be overjoyed with a gig lettering a foreign edition of "Cul de Sac". Is such a position available for those who might enjoy the strip in Dinka or Foochow?