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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Little Neuro & the Dragon

Everybody loves to draw dragons, and who am I to be an exception? This is the middle panel of today's strip. If I'm drawing a Sunday like this I'll often think of the central image first, then attach panels on either side, so it'll make sense. This is how the triptych painters of the Northern Renaissance did it too, though it sounds an awful lot like the tail wagging the dragon.


Hinzi said...

Cool! I didn't know Northern Renaissance triptychs were early cartoons.

Steve York said...

The coloring in the Sunday strip seemed to obscure some of the fantastic line work of this panel. Are your strips colored by someone at the syndicate?

Ted Dawson said...

I often work the same way, being inspired visually, and then writing something around it. Otherwise, we run the danger of just drawing talking heads. Besides, when we enjoy drawing something, it shows, and makes it more effective and (hopefully) more enjoyable to the readers.

I love drawing dragons, too. So does my son. In fact, he named his blog "The Drawing Dragon."