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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Defending the Indefensible

On today's Comic Riffs blog, Washington Post cartoonist and editor Michael Cavna solicits comments on Cul de Sac under the heading Defend That Toon. My only comment is, I wish the guy who does Cul de Sac would learn to draw faster.


saraieri said...

Why don't you create a small agenda?
I mean that could makes me and tons of people happy for a whole year :D

Unknown said...

I found this comment interesting:

"To me CdS is juvenile and trite. It is very poorly drawn and has a way of making its characters repugnant.

To mention it in the same breath with C&H is akin to sacrilege."

Apparently they don't know what Bill Watterson thinks of CdS... :)

Unknown said...

@ Akholt,

Besides which, it's equally true of C&H, for that matter: Calvin is certainly juvenile and repugnant on occasion, i.e. when he isn't asleep, as Suzie would be only too willing to testify.