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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Year In Review

The Wash Post Mag with Dave Barry's Year In Review comes out today. Here are some of the 5,000 drawings I did for it.


Paul Giambarba said...

Congratulations, brilliant work. Happy New Year!

Mike Lynch said...

What Paul said.

Glad to see that a few are on display at the Washington Post site, but it is just a handful. It doesn't make any sense to me that they don't publish ALL of the drawings that they commissioned from you. Grumble, grumble!

Happy New Year, Richard! Here's hoping there will be another Thompson collection in 2009!

Robert Gidley said...

Cool! Dave Barry and RT drawings! Of course, I only saw the five drawings that Mike Lynch mentioned as the Washington Post is hard to get in Washington State.

Funny stuff.

Year in Review

Mike said...

"It doesn't make any sense to me that they don't publish ALL of the drawings that they commissioned from you."

What I like is how they carefully space the first six months over four pages and then say to hell with it and dump the rest onto Page Five so they can go home. That's the way Christmas week works on the print side, too!

richardcthompson said...

Thanks, Paul, and Happy New Year to you too!

Mike & Robert, I'll post the rest when I get a chance; these were just what I had already scanned.

Mike, yeah, though it's also due to the fact that Mr. Barry files this in two parts some weeks apart. So the second half comes in very close to deadline, and you know what that's like.

It's one of my New Year's resolutions to answer comments in a more timely fashion. We'll see...

here today, gone tomorrow said...

Damn stumps!

(Awesome work, as always. Can't wait to see the rest. And doesn't Dubya look about 1000 years old?)