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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Santa Advisory, Again

Here's yesterday's Almanack, which is a sorta retread of one from last year, which is below. Only of course, the new one is much, much better, as I've improved immeasurably since last year.


odessasteps said...

big thumbs up for German Expression Santa.

Or should I say Zanta Klaus?

Jeanie W said...

I think I may know the guy who plays the Paymore Santa. "Tinselectomy" made me laugh. I'll probably be chuckling about that one all evening.

Andy Hemmendinger said...
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Kid Shay said...

If Santa rode his sleigh in to Washington to beg for money, he'd better have a Plan B ready.

jody wissing said...

Awesome!!!! We have a website http://tinselectomy.com. These comics are so true!!! I will link them on our facebook fan page. Thanks for sharing!