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Friday, November 21, 2008

A Personal Note to All Those I Owe A Book To

Just a note to all of you who've so patiently waited for me to send you back your signed Cul de Sac book. It's currently up on Ebay and it could be yours for the low price of only $14.31!

NO! NO! I'm only kidding! That part was a joke! Ha ha!

Ok, now that we've all laughed, please accept my apologies for being so slow sending them back to you. I'll try to get them all out in the next week, before we leave for Thanksgiving in Ohio. 'Cause when I come back I'll be too stuffed & logy to move much for at least a week.


Cius said...

Please remember also your italian friends!! ;)

Kid Shay said...

Whew! For a minute there, I thought you were going to pull a Ringo. "Peace and love, and no more autographs!"

Mike Rhode said...

I'll stop by and hover over you when I figure out how many scores I'm buying for Christmas presents.

les p'tits diables said...

j'etais de passage a montreal pour une fete du livre. et j'ai eu l'enorme plaisir de trouver le livre cul de sac. du coup je l'ai acheté en 2 exemplaires pour l'offrir a un ami.
felicitation pour cette super série strip.

angryparsnip said...

Hey it was the end, thank goodness, of a 4 year Election! things got busy.
Just be sure to remember your friends out in the Wild Wild West ! I'm getting David Fitzsimmons editorial cartoonist, for The Arizona Daily Star
autograph on his calendar this month. Two cool guys, boy I'm really lucky !