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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Because of an error in bookkeeping/editing/counting/drawing, the Cul de Sacs for 11-12 and 1-13 were transposed. This may be traced back to my own innumerancy and clumsiness in telling a joke; i.e., the punch line comes after the set up. My apologies, unless you didn't notice. In which case it didn't happen, and this whole blog post is another dull figment of your imagination.


Josh said...

I noticed, but assumed it was an intentional (albeit random) tribute to Harold Pinter.

"Creativity plus neatness equals art" is a great line, by the way.

paul bowman said...

Thought you were doing some kind of cinematic jumpy time thing.

I'm prepared to consider, in any case, that this post may be a figment of my imagination.

Patrick said...

Indeed, just consider it very Quentin Tarantino to flip the timeline.

Jints said...

I noticed, but only because I think so much of the strip!

Spencer said...

I noticed, but I was reading through the archive backwards! Win!

Reading the line, "I almost hate to deface it with a stupid turkey," I'm sure I must have thought the same thing when I was a kid; it just seems so familiar.

Paul said...

"Creativity plus Weak Accounting Skills equals Zen Koan."

or as Mr. Natural says, "Minds were made to be blown."

Daniel Vawser said...

I noticed, but just thought Alice was starting over. And I figured "creativity plus neatness" to be an ironic comment.