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Monday, October 6, 2008


To Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Frank, Ngoc, Kevin, Claire, Mark, Mark, Marc, Joost, Mary, Istvan, Brendan, Raina, Dave, Keith, Libby, Dustin, Van, Dave, Jen, Warren, Andrew, Charles, Joe, Matt, Rob, John, Zack, John, Brian, Chris, Trade, TJ, Matt, LInda, Jason, Jason, Joel, Abby, Magnolia, Calla, Paul, Jackie, Nell, David, Greg, Drew, Casey & Matt. Good to see you all at SPX!
If I've left your name off the list, please remind me.


Mike Lester said...

You left me out.

thanks for nothing,

Matt D. said...

It was great seeing you again. Thanks for personalizing my copy of the book. I love it, Carol loves it, 'Mr. Big' loves it!

Brian said...

Sorry Richard - had to miss you, had a funeral to attend.
See you soon.
(after I clean my room - too many toys don'tcha know...)
- Brian

David Hagen said...

I remember on the old Mike Douglas talk show, he would invite retired basketball player Jerry Lucas on the program. He had written a couple books on memory games and at the beginning of the show he would ask each audience member their names and would memorize them and he'd come back out at the end of the show and recite them all in order.
I'm wondering if your list is in chronological order?
It was great seeing you as always!

Casey said...

Great to meet you Richard. Thanks for signing my book!

angryparsnip said...

OMG... David, I remember Jerry Lucas, didn't remember his name, opps ! ! ! didn't watch the Mike Douglas show that much so he did make a big impression on me.

I am so envious that all those fans got to see Richard, live way too far away and like Brian I had to clean my room and unpack... urgh.....

Dustin Harbin said...

OOOHHHHHHHHHH the hurt in not getting a copy of your book! That and meeting John Martz were my big goals of the weekend! But I do have a copy of that minicomic and that print socked away for you, Richard!

Mark Anderson said...

So good to finally meet you! You're not nearly as sketchy as I imagined!

Jason said...

If I am one of the Jasons, then hello right back! I am so happy to have met you.

Richard Blanco said...

Hi Richard,
I saw some of the pictures from Mike Lynch's and Mark Anderson's blog, looks like you all had a wonderful time.
You should have my CdS by the time you get back.
I hope SPX was good for you business wise.


RB Sr.

Van said...

Hey Richard,

Great to see you again. Sorry I had to miss the end of the panel. The start of it was entertaining, at least.


Anonymous said...

Hello to you as well sir! Fantastic meeting you!

Mike Rhode said...

Here's Richard meeting the Dutch titan Joost Swarte -