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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Mille grazie di "Balloon- il blog delle comic strip"!

I think they were saying nice things . The Babelfish translation made it difficult to tell, though it was vastly entertaining in itself.


Mike Lynch said...

Wow. That's really fun to discover. Congrats, Richard! CUL DE SAC is universal!

Max said...

You’re welcome Richard.
Actually, we have spent a lot of words to claim yours is a new star in the comic strip scenario. We really like Cul de Sac and believe it’ll have a great success. Hoping we won’t wait a lifetime to read an Italian version.
Cius, an Italian young cartoonist, , wrote that post with his usual great passion.


Cius said...

Hi Richard, I'm the "author" of the article about Cul de Sac.
Max said all. We love comic strips and your work for us is a great newness.
I'm very glad that you've found interesting my post even though the translation was not perfect...
I wrote only good things! ;)

richardcthompson said...

Thanks again, Max and Cius, I greatly appreciate your kind words, in whatever language. And I sure wouldn't mind seeing CdS in Italian myself. Thanks to Babelfish I've learned that Cul de Sac (bottom of the bag) translates into Italian as Fondo di Borsa. So, there, we've got a title already.