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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fan Art Corner with Update

This post inaugurates a new and unique feature for this blog- art submitted by fans, avowed or unwitting, of Cul de Sac! You could search the web over and find nothing comparable to our Fan Art Corner! Here we present Alice as imagined by the Mighty Mo Willems (whose "Pigs Make Me Sneeze" just debuted at #5 on the NY Times Bestselling Children's Books). Acclaimed as an author, artist, out-loud-reader, stand up comic and general ball-of-fire, former Sesame Street resident Mo Willems is perhaps best known for providing the forward to the second Cul de Sac collection. Which by its virtuosity, subtlety and humor made the cartoons in the book seem superfluous, much as the forward by Bill Watterson had dominated the first collection. For the third collection we've got Walt Disney, who was recently discovered frozen in a glacier in the Swiss Alps, still locked in combat with his nemesis, Pegleg Pete. For that book we're leaving the cartoons out entirely; they're a letdown and an anticlimax, and who needs that? What was I talking about...?

Fan Art! So if you have a hand-drawn (no tracing!) original image of a Cul de Sac character- Alice, Petey, Dill, Beni, a grocery cart- send it my way and I'll post it right here at Fan Art Corner! Nothing too elaborate that might make my work look feeble in comparison please.

UPDATE- Thanks to all who sent in such fine, heart=felt work! I'll post them later today, and designate Saturday Fan Art Day.