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Saturday, June 7, 2008


HeroesCon is only two weeks away, so I'm confident youall have made your travel arrangements for the trip to Charlotte NC. It's three days jam-packed full to the brim with comics fun, and you'll kick youself to the curb if you miss it! That may be their official slogan.

And on Sunday afternoon all the fun comes to a peak when you get this-

The first great newspaper comic strip of the 21st Century has arrived, and like Mutts and Calvin & Hobbes before it, Richard Thompson's Cul De Sac has spent its first several months in syndication operating just underneath the pop-cult radar, adding papers steadily, readying to break out into the Next Big Thing. Join Tom Spurgeon for a wide-ranging discussion about art, caricature, and the Otterloop Family with one of the best cartoonists in North America, bar none. It's the panel you'll get to brag about attending in the years ahead, after Thompson conquers the comics world.

Frankly, it sounds like the manifesto of a madman to me and I'll be sitting in the back of the room, near an exit, where it's safe.