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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fan Art Sunday

This blog has a long and noble tradition of posting art by fans of Cul de Sac, most of whom draw a whole lot better than the regular guy. One such is Austin Milne, who sent in this deft portrayal of Alice, Petey and Dad. He says he's drawn them all, "from Alice's imagination," which I like because it shows he's figured out the whole point if the strip. And when he's got a moment, I hope he'll explain it to me.

I'm kidding. Thank you very much, Austin! Continue to draw every day, splash around with watercolor and doodle in the margins. The last is probably the most important.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fan Art Friday

I hope this will be a moment of light and joy in your grim Black Friday consumo-berserkathon. Jonathan Hill sent me this wonderful drawing he did for the store map at Powell's City of Books, the massive bookstore that fills a city block in Portland, Oregon. Mingling in among the satisfied shoppers along with Napolean, Quasimodo and Huck & Jim are Alice and Petey Otterloop, happily free of parental supervisison!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fan Art Saturday Falls On A Sunday This Week

David Paccia, who runs the blog David Wasting Paper, sent in these two fine portraits; Dill looking horrified and Alice probably provoking Dill's horrification. Thanks, David! He's had an excellent run of interviews with cartoonists & illustrators on his blog in the last few months, so go and read!

And Mr. Chris Sparks, designer, comics aficionado, cheesemonger and friend, sent me this design for a magnet he's produced. Excellent, and I understand there's nothing like it for tacking vital papers to your refrigerator, dishwasher, robot or other appliance. Thanks, Chris!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fan Art Saturday Falls On A Saturday Every Week So Far This Year

This beautiful set of figures was sculpted by Caleb Giannini, who sent me these photos. He used Sculpey and air-drying clay, and I think he's captured them just perfectly. Thank you, Caleb, for starting off another year of Fan Art with such fine work! Take a bow!

Next up, the Uh-Oh Baby Dashboard Bobblehead, sure to make drivers everywhere more alert and aware and slightly more paranoid, leading to a nationwide decline in traffic accidents.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fan Art Saturday Falls On A Saturday, After Already Falling on a Thursday

Our friend Mary Hanson sent us these photos, which we immediately printed out and ate because they look so good. And it's cookie season, so who can blame us? 

Mary says-
Just in time for the holiday season!  The full set of "cul de sac" cookie cutters including such favorites as Miss Bliss, Dad's little car, Tim's banjo and more!   OK, really I just got bored with christmas trees and stars--but when the cookie cutter set does come out I expect a major cut of the profits.  I've got to get started on that south-of-France retirement fund.

Which sounds much nicer than refurbishing that dumpster behind Appleby's like I've been planning. Thanks, Mary, and it's a deal!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fan Art Saturday Falls On A Thursday This Week

Since I've passed the responsibility for filling this blog with content along to you people, it seems like a good idea to spread Fine Art Saturday more evenly over the week.

The ingenious and hugely talented illustrator and cartoonist Ted Dawson wondered what Alice would look like as A Harveytoon.  And being an ingenious and hugely talented illustrator and cartoonist, he did something about it and very kindly sent it to me.

Ted is also a partner, along with the ingenious and hugely talented Wes Hargis, in the sketchblog Three Men in a Tub, which I highly recommend.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Fan Art Saturday Falls On A Monday This Week

This fabulous sculpture of Alice with the Talking Stick was created by Mr. Michael Gauttery, who lives up in my old hometown of Baltimore MD.  I'm not sure what the medium is, but I'm guessing Sculpey, which is fun stuff (though a good deal less tasty than Play-Doh).  My daughters suggested it would make a lovely Christmas tree ornament, and I have to agree. Thanks, Michael!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fan Art Saturday- Updated!

More Fine Fan Art this week! A little more and I'll be able to cut-and-paste a whole month of Cul de Sac strips, which is of course the whole idea behind this exercise. (You knew that, right?)

First, our friend David Hagen, cartoonist, painter, slide-shooting lifesaver, sent this lovely portrait of Big Shirley, probably the biggest Shirley we've seen. This looks exactly like David's paintings, but it was colored in photoshop, which impresses me no end as I'm pretty hamfisted as a photoshopist. Thanks, David! We gotta do that lunch thing! 

And Mr. Logan Giannini, who claims he cannot draw (never stopped us!), sent this charming pastiche, combining some of our favorite comic strips. From left to right: Lucy, Alice, Lio, Grundoon, Little Nemo and Calvin. Thanks, Logan!

And from Mr.
David Troy, the master of design from Los Angeles, we've just received this ingenious view of Petey. A sort of psychological portrait in signage, or diagram, form. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Petey Piechart-

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fan Art Saturday Falls On A Saturday This Week Again!

This week we have two Very Special Friends of Cul de Sac - but aren't you all? (said in a Dame Edna Everage voice, please).

First, Ms. Jennifer Hart of Arlington, who writes and hand delivers to us a perceptive and funny weekly newsletter and who also bakes us excellent cookies, somehow found the time to draw these two excellent images, both of which I wish I'd've thought of.

This one, casting Petey as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come and Alice as the Ghost of Christmas Past, really cracks me up. Who would play Scrooge? Mr. Danders, of course.
Here Mrs. Otterloop has some problems with her annual Winter Sweater, a theme I've visited a few times. And probably will again soon enough, but Jennifer got to this variation first, darnit.

Mr. Diego Ceresa, the renaissance man, artist and translator whose work we've lauded on this blog before, sent in this vivid image of Alice If She Had Pupils. It's haunting in the same way an Andy Warhol painting would be, if Andy Warhol had ever had the foresight to paint Alice Otterloop.

Mille grazie to Diego and Jennifer! I'm inspired, which I sure do need because I got a pile o' work to do.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fan Art Saturday Falls On A Saturday This Week

Here are two more excellent additions to our burgeoning collection of Fan Art.

First, from the multi-talented triple-threat omni-directional Chris Eliopolous, this terrifying preview of what could happen if Petey should somehow stumble into the presence of the awful Uh-Oh Baby. Thanks, Chris! It's bone-chilling!

Next, cartoonist, blogger, founder of Falling Rock State Park and longtime long distance friend of CdS Josh Shalek limns Petey and his own Uh-Oh Baby, the dread Ernesto. Truly horrifying, especially as Ernesto is based on a real person, or possibly two. Thanks, Josh!  

More TK, as we say in journalism.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fan Art Saturday Falls On A Wednesday, Updated

Finally, with my profound thanks for your contributions and apologies for my slowness in posting them, here's some Fan Art.

First, from Ross Klettke, this engaging portrait of, in his words, "someone who kinda looks like Petey." That's about as close as I ever get. And please admire the lovely frame-

Next, from Navy Bean, comes a loving rendering of Alice in all her glory. Getting Alice's hair right is particularly hard; I never do, but Navy nailed it.

From poet-cartoonist Teresa Dowlatshahi, Miss Bliss. Teresa reports that she's scared of Miss Bliss's formidable bun. I hope that drawing it exorcized that demon, though it's never worked for me.

This impressive full length portrait of Beni is provided by Asa Giannini. I especially admire the hammer, the houses, and the subtle color sense.

The famed John Glynn sent this bust of children's author Oswaldo Twee, which is acutely observed and personally flattering.

We thank Anonymous for the following. I've always admired the work of Anonymous in all the arts and this may well be his/her finest effort.

Our friend and renaissance man Chris Sparks sent us this compelling Alice via Facebook. Among Chris's many accomplishments (web designer, art collector, father) he's also a master cheesemonger, which is as much fun to type as it is to say!

Stan Ortega chose to limn Annoyed Guy in Movie Theatre, whose memorable turn in a Sunday strip is still the talk of comics fans across the nation. Those eyes, how they haunt me!   

From Argentina, from the pen of the mighty Kioskerman, comes this passionate. lively and wholly wonderful Alice. Gracias, Pablo!

Dallion sends us this wonderful sketch of an unexpected subject. Nice choice, Dallion, and keep it up with the pen & ink. Just remember that ink's a liquid medium like watercolor and that happy accidents are your best friend!  

There you are, the first collection of CdS Fan Art from the magic day that Saturday happened on Wednesday. More later.