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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Sweater Contest! Prizes Prizes Prizes!

The folks over at GoComics, providers of some of the finest cartoons online (and Cul de Sac too), have announced a Christmas Sweater Contest inspired by Ms. Madeline Otterloop's Christmas sweater-of-many-holidays. Do you have a Christmas sweater so ridiculous that it's very existence makes you question the whole nature of reality? (I don't, but there is a festive potholder in the kitchen drawer that tests my sanity every time I behold it). You could win these great prizes- a Cul de Sac book signed by me (with a drawing too), the Complete Calvin & Hobbes (ooh!), and the admiration of your peers, who've been secretly mocking your Christmas sweater behind your back.

Here's the schedule (I could've said "schedYULE')- 

  • 12/15 - Contest opens for submissions
  • 12/18 - Submissions period closes at 11:59pm
  • 12/21 - Five finalists announced, online voting begins
  • 12/23 - Voting closes at 11:59pm
  • 12/24 - The winner is announced!

  • So hurry! No time to lose! It'll make all those years of wearing a big ugly Christmas sweater finally pay off!

    Monday, December 17, 2007

    This Week's Almanack

    Okay, fine. Too much Beethoven? Want some cheap laffs? Here.

    I actually used the joke about a German Expressionist Christmas in a Cul de Sac a few years ago in the Post Magazine. At some point the Otterloops will go to a P J Piehole's Family Fun Restaurant and the two strips will merge into one seamless universe.

    Tuesday, December 4, 2007

    Strangled by Deadlines

    After a relaxing dinner on Tuesday I'll spend the rest of the week strangled by deadlines. And what better way to convey that situation than a Sad Clown Drawing?