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Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Cul de Sac Thanksgiving, 2008

originally appeared in the Washington Post Magazine, Nov 27, 2008.


Archduke Erzherzog said...

Tired to edit my other comment for spelling but deleted it instead:

Happy Thanksgiving, Richard! I'm thankful for Cul de Sac books, which have functioned as gifts to me from my brother, from me to my brother, from my father to me, and this year from me to my nephew. What other gift can I say that about? (P.S. We're talking multiple copies here, not re-gifting).

gilda92 said...

I'm a Canadian so Thanksgiving is a month ago, but I'm always Thankful for Cul de Sac. Thank you Richard for the charm of your drawing and the elegance of your thought.

Julián said...

Maybe you could upload the Speech given by Chris Sparks at the Eisner ceremony?

PS Please excuse me for my english but is not my first language.

Mike Rhode said...

Julian, I've asked Chris Sparks to consider your request.