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Sunday, October 12, 2014


Let's have some more random images, shall we? These posts are so easy to do it's criminal.  All I need is a  computer full of disjointed and disconnected drawings that nobody's seen since publication (and boy, do I have that).

 First up is something I did for Bono Mitchell when she wasn't looking. Like many of thus period, it's colored with colored pencil, alkyd and/or oil.

 Ah, here's the Man Himself, Joel Achenbach, from when he had a column in the Post Magazine. I'm happy enough with this caricature to post it; as I recall he kinda hated it. Watercolor.

This was for the New Yorker when Bill Bennet was news; where do these people go? And why don't they stay there?

Speaking of which...

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Larry Francis said...

Terrific! Thanks! I'm looking forward to the book of artwork that wasn't included in The Book.