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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

You Can't Tie Down a Banjo Man

Rob McLaren, the Toronto-based multi-threat musician and songwriter, sent me this wonderful tune. He was inspired by Timmy Fretwork's battle cry of romantic avoidance, "You can't tie down a banjo man!" It was, he says,"it was too good a potential song title to pass up!"
Here's Timmy Fretwork's first appearance from an October '04 Post Magazine, which I redrew three years later for the syndicated strip. Mr. Fretwork is based on about five real people. And below is the bit of folk wisdom in action.
To buy an MP3 of this tune, or the full digital album, please go here.


Mike said...

The only word for Timmy Fretwork is transplendent. He's transplendent!

Unknown said...
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Stefan said...

(Sorry for deleting and reposting my comment; I just didn't want it credited to "Unknown"!)

As I recall, though, it's always been one of the kids saying the titular phrase, and not Timmy himself. Am I mistaken?

David C. said...

Dang. Now I need to know what happens when you put a snow globe in the microwave and push "Hot Dog!"

pq said...

OMG that song is just brilliant. Thanks for sharing, Richard. Timmy is one of my favorite CDS creations.

Sonny Moon said...

Comics and music together on one page! It's a multimedia extravaganza!