Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Heroescon 2012

This weekend in Charlotte NC things get lively! Heroescon appears in the subterranean halls of the Charlotte Convention Center like a gaudy 3-day annual bloom. And, dammit, I'm not going!But I've got friends who are, and some of them are getting together in Room 206 on Friday at 4 for this-
 If you're at Heroescon please stop by and have a seat!

And while you're in Charlotte would you please stop by Mert's Heart & Soul and bring me a plate of shrimp and grits?


Chris Sparks said...

I will take Nick there until he is sick of it. We will miss you!

Erron said...

Apparently, Chris is a fine representative to send in one's place if one cannot go and fetch his own shrimp and grits. He worked hard at Heroes Con.

Chris Sparks said...

I ordered the beef ribs. I can't believe I didnt order the shrimp and grits.

Thank you Erron!!

Erron said...

I don't remember why I stuck the name Erron on this Gmail account. It's Greg Cravens. Hey.